Tattoo Removal Post Treatment Facts

When you are young the thought of tattoos to make you look cool or just to join the group may have seemed like the right decision for you.  As time goes by, this decision may not seem to be the right one anymore.  Perhaps you just became a parent and the tattoo is something that you do not want your children to see.  Maybe your tattoo is hindering your ability to be promoted at your current job.  If you have an unwanted tattoo, there are ways to have the tattoo successfully removed.

You have probably heard horror stories of how difficult and painful it is to have a tattoo removed from your skin.  New technology has been able to use laser lights to remove tattoos without the high level of pain that can be experienced with some other methods.  This method does still inflict some level of pain and most people compare it to being snapped with a rubber band.

Tattoo Removal Treatment

Laser tattoo removal treatments are done quickly and should take no more than one hour to complete each treatment and can take as little as fifteen minutes.  During the procedure, you doctor may administer a local anaesthetic to help you ease some of the pain. The doctor will than use a laser light to deliver pulses of laser light into the tattoo area. This will work to break down the pigment in the tattoo which will work its way out of your body causing the tattoo to fade.

You will experience pain only during the procedure and maybe some soreness for a few days after but it should not be extreme pain.  Your tattoo will not be erased in just one visit and can take up to twelve treatments before success is seen.  It will take between six to eight weeks for the area to heal completely and you should follow the doctor’s direction of aftercare.  It is important to the success of your tattoo removal that you understand all of the tattoo removal post treatment facts before you leave the facility that day.

Tattoo Removal Post Treatment Facts

Some of the tattoo removal post treatment facts that are important to know is how to relieve the pain you are feeling afterward.  You may experience soreness, redness and swelling in the area for the first few days or weeks. Over-the-counter pain relief should be all that you need to maintain your pain and ice should be applied to the skin for the first two days to reduce the amount of swelling you will experience.

One of the other important tattoo removal post treatment facts is that your skin is more susceptible to infection right after treatment so proper care is necessary.  Your doctor will prescribe you a medication that will work to fight off infection.  You must take this medication exactly as prescribed.  Your doctor will leave you with instructions on how to care for your skin in the coming days.  Be sure to follow each instruction the he told you to because this will work to give you the greatest success.

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