Risks of Tattoo Removal

Once the novelty of a tattoo wears off it is normally something that the owner gets used to.  On some occasions however they become a problem and the decision is made to get rid of them.  There will be a number of concerns about the procedure and the main one will probably be the pain.  This however is not the only reason to be concerned as there are other risks associated with tattoo removal.

Risks of Tattoo Removal by Laser

There are a few risks of tattoo removal associated with the laser removal method.  On rare occasions the skin can be burned and if this is severe a scare can be left.  This tends to happen when the area is numb or frozen so the client is not aware that the skin is getting too hot.  As with the application of the tattoo there is the risk of infection with the removal.  After each session of removal the tattoo should be covered in antiseptic cream and if you are out in the sun it will be necessary to use at least factor 15 all the time.  It will be possible to have the tattoo removed at the same place you had it done, but if a laser is to be used it will be best if it is performed by someone with medical qualifications.  There is the chance that there will be some scarring and if this is extreme the person removing the tattoo may decide not to carry on with the treatment.

The Risks of Tattoo Removal with Other Methods

  • A more risky method is the use of TCA.  This will be dabbed onto the tattoo and the layers of skin will be burned away.  This can not only be a problem as the skin could scar, but the area could become infected.  Some people are also allergic to TCA so they could end up with further problems.
  • Another method with high risks of tattoo removal is the excision method.  With excision the tattoo is cut away.  This can only be done if the tattoo is very small as the area of skin will be removed and then sewn up.  The main risk here is infection as the area must be kept clean and germ free.  Any sign of infection should be reported right away.
  • Dermabrasion can also lead to infection.  The tattoo is treated with a moving tool that rubs against it in the same way wood can be sandpapered.  As well as infection there is the risk of a scar.
  • Salabrasion is an old fashioned method that involves scrubbing salt water into the tattoo until the ink is rubbed away.  As well as being painful this can also lead to noticeable scarring.  It may be considered that this will be a cheap and easy method that can be done at home, but in reality it is just as important to use a doctor.

Although there are clearly risks involved with tattoo removal, if the treatment is carried out by a professional and all the necessary precautions are taken there should be a safe way to get rid of the now unwanted tattoo without too many risks.

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