Who Can Carry Out Tattoo Removal

When you find yourself with a tattoo that you had done years ago and now regret that decision or have found a job that requires you not to have any visible tattoos, you may need to look into the many different tattoo removal options.  You may have thought that having the tattoo put on was a long and painful process but you will soon learn that the process to have the tattoo removed is even longer and more painful.  Technology has come a long way in recent years to help provide people with a less painful, less expensive way to remove tattoos.

Many people are opting to have either laser tattoo removal or dermabrasion tattoo removal to help them erase these marks from the skin.  These techniques have a track record of being successful at helping people fade and eventually erase their tattoos.  The most important factor that you must consider when looking to have your tattoo removed is that you pick the right person to perform the treatment.  A lot of people claim to have experience and really do not and you will need to decide who can carry out tattoo removal and who cannot.


Tattoo Removal Requirements

Every facility that performs laser tattoo removal is required to be registered with the Healthcare Commission, whose responsibility it is to oversee these facilities. To be registered, they are required to follow all of the rules for safe operations and must have safe and appropriate equipment to perform the laser treatment. Each staff member, who carries out tattoo removal, must also be properly trained and educated on tattoo removal and the tattoo removal equipment.
If you are considering have dermabrasion tattoo removal done, it is highly recommended that you choose only a qualified plastic surgeon or a doctor who has experience in this type of work.  The more experience they have, the better chance of having a successful tattoo removal done.  This treatment comes with more risk of infection and the proper doctor will lower the risk of infection from setting in.

Finding the Right Facility

If you have chosen to have your tattoo removed you want to be sure that you choose a facility who can carry out tattoo removal properly.  Do not just look at the final price and select the cheapest tattoo removal facility that you can find because you may come to regret it in the future.  Most importantly, you want to make sure that the facility is registered with the Healthcare Commission.  They should publically display this certification but if they do not then you will need to ask to see it.

This will allow you to know that everyone who is going to administer your tattoo removal treatments will have the proper training and knowledge.  This will increase your chances of success and lower your risk of side effects.  You should also ask for a complete list of references and you can check out their online reviews.  This will help you see if their past clients were pleased with the services they received.  This process can be expensive, long and painful and you want to be sure that they get it right the first time so take your time and shop around for the best tattoo removal facility.  Be certain that you chose someone who can carry out tattoo removal in a safe and effective way.

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