Tattoo Removal Training

Many people regret the tattoos they get in their younger years and are now choosing to have them removed.  Due to the large amounts of people in this situation, tattoo removal clinics are increasing at a surprising rate.  A tattoo removal clinic can be found in almost every city in the UK now and the number of jobs in this industry is also increasing.  In order to work in a tattoo removal clinic you will first need to undergo tattoo removal training.

Medical Laws

The medical laws in the UK are not as stringent as in the US.  In the UK almost anyone can get a license to perform tattoo removal but it is always advised to go ahead with tattoo removal training before setting up shop and possibly ruining a person’s body.  There are a number of tattoo removal training facilities throughout the UK, and also a number of course companies who travel from area to area.  Have a look on the internet for training schemes in your area and choose one that sounds professional and has good reviews.

Tattoo Removal Training

Most tattoo removal training courses will consist of both a theory and a practical section.  During the theory part of the course you will be taught everything there is to know concerning health and safety and how to assess each tattoo before removing it.  Depending on the course you choose you will more than likely specialise in a specific tattoo removal method – laser, dermabrasion, Intense Light Therapy etc.  You will be taught how to perform the treatment correctly and you will also be taught about the after care period.

The second part of a tattoo removal training course is the practical aspect.  This will be where you will practice removing a tattoo under the supervision of a trained professional.  This is an imperative part of the course and you must complete this section with a satisfactory result to pass the course.

GCG Health Care Tattoo Removal Training Courses

One of the leading tattoo removal training companies in the UK is GCG health care.  GCG offer courses throughout the UK and Ireland and cover everything there is to know about tattoos and tattoo removal.  Some of their course subjects include:

  • Understanding the different methods of tattoo removal
  • Case studies
  • Complications and side effects
  • The history of tattoo removal
  • Pre and post treatment consultations
  • Pigment removal
  • Tattoo inks
  • Treatment areas

If you are interested in signing up for a course with GCG you can find more information on their personal website.  You can also contact them by phone on 01444 484 911.

Tattoo Removal Training Course Costs

Tattoo removal training courses are not cheap, with prices ranging from £500 to £1500 per course.  However when you compare the cost of the course to the cost a patient pays for tattoo removal treatment you will see that it is a very worth-while investment.  If you decide to set up a tattoo removal clinic after completing your training course you will also need to invest in tattoo removal machinery and insurance.

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