Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal has come a long way in recent years and has been made to be less painful and less abrasive.  If you have been considering having your tattoo removed but did not want to undergo the pain that is often associated with tattoo removal this may be the time to have it erased.  Laser tattoo removal can be done without the harshness that is involved with other removal methods. You will still encounter some level of pain and most people say that it feels somewhat like being snapped with an elastic band.

While this process does include some pain level it is not at an unbearable level that would prevent you from having it done. An anaesthetic cream can be applied to the area to help reduce the amount of pain that can be felt.  You can also use over-the-counter pain medication to help mask some of the pain.  The best thing about laser tattoo removal is that the treatment can be administered quickly and people who have used it have seen some great results with erasing their tattoo from their skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

You will begin this process with a consultation meeting with your tattoo removal specialist.  They will evaluate your tattoo to determine if you are a good candidate for laser tattoo removal.  They will also be able to determine what type of laser light should be used for your tattoo based on the colours of the tattoo.  Your specialist will be able to estimate the number of treatments that you will need to have in order to remove your tattoo.  This will be determined based on the size, shape, depth, age and colour of your tattoo.

During your laser tattoo removal treatment the specialist will first administer an anaesthetic if requested.  He will use a laser light that will resemble the size and shape of a pen and he will use it to direct rays of light into your tattoo.  The laser light works by breaking up the pigment cells found in your tattoo.  As these pigmented cells are broken down, they will be able to work their way out of your body and create a fading effect on the tattoo.  Each session includes about twenty to thirty pulses, so it will feel like being snapped by an elastic band twenty to thirty times.

Things to Know Before Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

There are some things that you should understand about laser tattoo removal before you make the decision to have this done.  You tattoo will not be erased with just one treatment but you may be able to see the tattoo begin to fade after the first treatment is done.  On average it takes between six to twelve treatments to successfully erase the tattoo from your skin.  The wait between treatments is about seven weeks which means it could take more than a year before you are able to have your tattoo removed.

There are some risks involved with laser tattoo removal that your specialist should explain to you before your procedure.  There is a slight risk that the laser lights will cause scarring to occur on your skin.  Proper aftercare of the area will minimise the risk of scarring and you should follow the specialist’s instructions exactly.  This will help you have a better chance of getting the results you are looking for.

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