What Tattoo Removal is the Quickest

Almost half of the people whose skins are tattooed reach a moment in their lives when their tattoos are everything but likeable.  There are many different reasons that may explain a person’s wish to get rid of their ink adornment, yet what all these people have in common is their desire to have their tattoos removed as quickly as possible.

Whether they don’t like the tattoo anymore, it doesn’t suit their current lifestyle and preferences anymore, it hinders them from receiving a certain job position or any other reason really, the fact is that many tattooed people want it removed at some point in their lives.  So what tattoo removal is the quickest?  The answer to this question is relative since no two individuals and no two tattoos are alike.

Issues Regarding Tattoo Removal

There are factors that will influence a person’s chances of having a tattoo removed and because of these factors no one can be completely accurate in pointing towards the quickest tattoo removal option.  First of all, there are no guarantees that the tattooed person will get rid of their body adornment completely.  Some people have their tattoos completely eliminated, whilst others notice merely a fading of their tattoo.  The results vary from case to case, and are influenced by the tattoo removal method used, the number of sessions undergone, the size and type of the tattoo, the person’s skin etc.

In order to get an idea about what tattoo removal is the quickest option available, a tattooed person should gather as much information as possible regarding the current treatment options for eliminating tattoos.  The truth is that regardless of the option selected by the person in favour of tattoo removal, nearly all tattoos need to be subjected to multiple treatment sessions in order to get them completely removed.

The best way to acquire the much needed information on what tattoo removal is the quickest is to pay a visit to a tattoo removal specialist who will take everything into account and help you choose a certain option over another.

The Fastest Tattoo Removal Option is the Most Damaging

The quickest way for a person to have their tattoo removed is the most invasive: surgical excision.  This procedure guarantees complete tattoo elimination, but involves a lot of skin damage and scarring as well.  And who would rather have an unsightly scar than a tattoo?  This surgical treatment involves the excision of the tattoo area and depending on the size of the tattoo the patient will either require stitches or a skin graft.

Popular Tattoo Removal Methods

Of all the tattoo removal treatments available, two of them are proven to be more effective: laser tattoo removal and IPL or Intense Pulse Light tattoo removal.  The first one is the most popular, and consists of a laser beam that is targeted to the tattoo area, breaking apart the ink which is afterwards eliminated by the body’s scavenger cells.  This treatment option has to be repeated several times until the tattoo has completely disappeared.  The required waiting period between sessions is about six-eight weeks.  The laser tattoo removal method is less invasive but also more expensive with people opting for this type of treatment being forced to spend hundreds of pounds to see the expected results.

The second preferred tattoo removal method, IPL, is quite similar to laser treatment, yet it is even less invasive and thus more costly.  The Intense Pulse Light tattoo removal therapy is done by targeting short pulses of extremely powerful light which burn the area containing the tattoo ink.  The price, in this case, is not set per session, but per pulse of light, and it is around £10.  As with any tattoo removal method, this too requires multiple sessions so that people can see an improvement in the aspect of their skin.

Generally, a tattoo takes from a few months to more than a year to fully disappear, and whilst some treatment options only manage to fade the aspect of the tattoo, more modern techniques require less time, are less invasive and give better results.  This should answer the question of what tattoo removal is the quickest.

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