Is Tattoo Removal Painful

If you have decided you no longer want your tattoo, you are probably wondering is tattoo removal painful?  The answer to this concern varies according to the type of tattoo removal method chosen.  Some treatments are quite invasive and others are not, therefore knowing about each tattoo removal method should give you some idea on the amount of pain expected.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?  What about Anaesthetic?

Even if some tattoo removal methods are painful, some of the inconveniences caused by a certain procedure can be counteracted by anaesthetics. Depending on the tattoo removal treatment the patient is subjected to, the specialist can either inject a local anaesthetic, apply a topical anaesthetic cream or even prescribe sedatives to prepare the patient for the upcoming tattoo removal procedure.

All tattoo removal methods designed to completely eliminate a tattoo are painful. The amount of pain varies from surgical procedures that cannot be performed in the absence of an anaesthetic to laser treatments which a patient can bare, although in some cases, one may still require the specialist to numb the tattoo area.  The most popular tattoo removal method, the laser treatment, has been reported to be bearable as far as the pain is concerned, the usual sensation being that of hot oil being splashed over the skin.  Others have compared the pain with the one caused by an elastic rubber band snapped upon the surface of the skin. 

The idea is that most tattoo removal methods do not cause much greater pain than the one experienced during the initial tattooing stage, but there are also ways to make a tattoo less visible without having to endure any kind of pain.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful? Painless Tattoo Removal Methods

If you’re looking for a partial tattoo removal, then you probably know that some of the methods used to make a tattoo less visible are completely painless.  Such treatment options consist of DIY tattoo removal creams and are available online at an affordable, yet not inexpensive price tag. 

So, is tattoo removal painful?  Only if you choose to have your tattoo completely removed.  The tattoo removal creams that exist on the market have the advantage of fading the tattoo without any kind of aching or burning sensation.  There are no side effects to these, but their primary disadvantages are that the tattoo removal creams must be applied for many months until one sees results, and in addition, these creams do not work the same for everybody.  Some experience unexpected improvements in the way their tattoo looks after applying the cream for a certain period of time whilst other users have reported little effects after using the product as a tattoo removal method. Since these products need to be regularly applied in order for them to work, customers should be prepared to spend hundreds of pounds before seeing their tattoo fade away.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful? Cover-ups

Those that subject themselves to partial tattoo removal treatments can have a cover-up performed to hide their initial tattoo under a new and more likeable one.  Cover-ups work best in the case of old tattoos, and the pain experienced is far less great than other tattoo removal options.

It seems that the answer to is tattoo removal painful depends on the option selected, a patient’s pain barrier and whether the person wants the tattoo removed or only partially gone.

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