Tattoo Removal FAQs

Once the decision has been made to have a tattoo or multiple tattoos removed there are a number of questions that you will want to ask to make sure you are doing the right thing.  There are a number of ways to have them removed and some will clearly suit you more than others.  There are a lot of tattoo removal FAQs that need to be answered

Types of Tattoo Removal

Q What types of removal techniques are there?
A -  There are some home removal systems that have a limited ability to remove a tattoo.  One will involve rubbing bleach onto the tattoo and this may work to remove some of the colour but it is not too effective at removing the whole tattoo.  Then there are creams that will slowly fade the tattoo and if used long enough should remove them altogether. Dermabrasion involves rubbing the tattoo away but this can also damage the skin.  Finally the most effective method is laser removal.

Tattoo Removal FAQs – Pros and Cons of Each Method

Q  What is good about each method?
A - Bleach is cheap and will be available in every home, while the creams will not be very expensive and the removal can be carried out without the need to visit a doctor.  Dermabrasion will normally be carried out by a doctor or at least in a clinic where there are medical people involved so there will be someone around to deal with any infections that might appear.  Lasers are effective and they should always be used by trained professionals.  This is the most effective method and also the safest when performed correctly.

Q  What is bad about each method?
A - Bleach can be dangerous and even if it is weak and not used very often the skin could blister and an infection could set in.  There could also be a scar left where there was once a tattoo.  Not all creams state what is in them so there could be something you are allergic to.  Most will be safe but there could be the odd few that will leave scars or rashes when they are used.  Dermabrasion can also lead scars and if the skin is broken an infection can set in.  There is also the risk of the surrounding area having the pigment rubbed away and there always being a mark.  Lasers can burn but many now have a cooling system built in so the main con here will be the cost.

Tattoo Removal FAQs – Cost

Q   Which is the most expensive treatment?
A - The laser will cost the most as each session can cost in the region of £60.  With the need for up to 10 sessions you will need to allow £600 plus the cost of creams to use at home.

Tattoo Removal Timescale

Q  How long will the treatment take?
A - Bleach should not be used so even one or two applications can be too much. Creams will normally need to be applied every day and it can take months at a time to get the tattoo to fade.  Dermabrasion and laser removal will both take longer.  There will need to be a period of at least 6 weeks between each treatment to allow the skin to heal.

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