Does Tattoo Removal Leave Scarring

Does tattoo removal leave scarring?  This is one of the biggest concerns reported amongst people who desire ink-free skin.  After all, who would want a scar instead of an old tattoo?  Removing a tattoo, either partially or completely, can be performed through various means, and some of them may indeed lead to scars.  Scarring, in the case of tattoo removal, depends on different factors, therefore any person considering a tattoo removal should learn as much as possible about the side effects in order to decide whether a specific tattoo removal method is an option or not.

Factors Influencing Does Tattoo Removal Leave Scarring?

Regardless of some of the tattoo removal methods available to people nowadays, post-treatment aftercare is extremely important in limiting the occurrence of scarring.  This is why following a tattoo removal procedure patients are obliged to pay full attention to the instructions received from the tattoo removal specialist to minimise the chance of getting scars in the area of the former tattoos.

Scarring depends on every individual’s ability to heal, thus a person that heals slowly will need to handle the affected area with extreme caution to avoid unsightly scarring and other inconvenient side effects such as infections. Scarring may also depend on the size, type and location of the tattoo as superficial tattoos are most likely to get removed without leaving a scar behind. But the main factor that plays an important role in answering the question: does tattoo removal leave scarring consists of the method chosen to remove the tattoo.

Skin Damaging Tattoo Removal Treatments

Invasive tattoo removal procedures such as the excision method do have a certain likeliness of leaving scars behind.  For example, surgical excisions are so damaging that in some cases the patient may require a skin graft, but that usually happens in the case of larger tattoos, and for these body adornments, there are other methods preferred in handling their removal.

There are also tattoo removal options that consist of a skin peel including procedures like dermabrasion and salabrasion.  These tattoo removal methods are rarely used, and the specialist performing them has to scrape off the top layers of the skin to help the tattoo fade away.  But to reach these results, the patient has to subject themselves to repeated treatments, and since these are so invasive, scarring is a more than potential threat.

Other tattoo removal methods such as laser treatment or Intense Pulsed Light can also leave scarring, but the risks of suffering such side effects are far smaller and this is why these methods are preferred by people wishing to have their tattoos removed without much consequence.

Scar-Free Tattoo Removal Options

For those that are wondering does tattoo removal leave scarring there are other options available that do not include surgery or lasers.  Skin specialists have created tattoo removal creams that are meant to make a tattoo less visible without any side effects.  Not many have confidence in these creams, yet some have reported satisfactory results.

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