The Body Clinic Tattoo Removal

When having a tattoo removed it is best to go to the best place that you can afford to visit.  It is not that the others will not be any good as many will have fully qualified staff and up to the minute equipment and safety certificates, but the Harley Street Clinics give the patient peace of mind when using them.  The clinic has a good reputation and is happy to put both their certificate and pictures of former clients on the webpage.

At the Body Clinic tattoo removal is one of their main procedures.  They have had good reviews in the press and they are using tried and trusted methods with their laser.

The Body Clinic Method of Tattoo Removal

The laser will send the beam down onto the tattoo and the light will go through the levels of skin and break up the colour.  The pigment fragments will go into the body and will be removed in the same way that the body removes all foreign bodies.  Although the system is good and efficient it will still need a number of treatments for the tattoo to be completely removed.  It will need a consultation before it is possible to say how many treatments may be needed and how much it is likely to cost.

There are other methods such as acid removal and dermabrasion.  All of these carry severe risks and as such a decent clinic would not only refuse to carry them out but would also speak strongly against them.  It will be best to ask a number of questions before deciding to use a particular clinic.  The Body Clinic will be able to give a positive answer to all of the important questions.

The Body Clinic Tattoo Removal – Questions to Ask.

Is the clinic registered with the Healthcare Commission under the Care Standards Act 2000, and are they inspected by them?  Do they have certificates to prove it and are they on display?
A Yes

Do they have a lot of experience?
Yes – they have been helping clients for 10 years.

Have they used the lasers for a considerable amount of time?
Yes – they have used the lasers for 10 years.

How many people have they treated?
More than 80,000

If you are satisfied with the answers you are given it could be that the Body Clinic tattoo removal system is the right one for you.  With so many former clients if there were any problems it is not likely that they would have either stayed open so long or been able to attract the number of former clients they have.  As with any clinic the Body Clinic tattoo removal section has a list of testimonials and you can check to see how others have been treated.

As with any form of laser treatment there may be a degree of pain but for some they hardly notice it.  At the Body clinic tattoo removal is an important part of their service and everything will be done to minimise the pain and make sure the client is not afraid to come back and finish their treatment.

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