Tattoo Removal Tattoo Erase

Tattoos are becoming more popular with all areas of the population.  At one time it would be sailors and construction workers but now people in all walks of life have them.  The problem starts when it is no longer appropriate to keep a current tattoo.  What looks great on a 20 year old is not as appealing when they reach 50.  If there is a partners name and the relationship breaks up it will be embarrassing for the next partner if the previous ones name is still on show.

It can be expensive and painful to remove tattoos under some methods such as dermabrasion and some old methods such as injecting pigeon droppings under the skin can be dangerous.  Tattoo removal with Tattoo Erase will be relatively painless and can take away all colours of ink.

Tattoo Removal with Tattoo Erase.

Having an alternative to having the tattoo rubbed away has been a great improvement for many people.  Having been developed in Germany and after 20 years of research the claim is that the skin will be almost the same as it was before the tattoo.

Tattoo removal with Tattoo Erase is much simpler and the ink comes out of the body in the same way that a splinter does.  The laser cannot pick up all ink colours so in some cases there are bits of the tattoo left behind.  There is nothing rough or dangerous about Tattoo Erase as it is made completely out of natural products.

Kataderm fluid is found in the body naturally and there is no need to worry that there may be a bad reaction as all tests have proved it to be non-allergenic.

How Tattoo Removal with Tattoo Erase Works.

A good company will arrange a free consultation before the treatment starts.  They will want to know what result you are hoping for and also that you are not pregnant.  Most will not carry out the treatment on someone who is under 18.

The Kataderm is injected in the same way that the ink was and the ink is then forced to the top of the skin.  A scab forms and when the scab falls off it takes the ink with it.  This is considered to be much safer than a laser removal as there the ink breaks down in the body and has to be expelled in other ways.

Tattoo removal with Tattoo Erase is not a quick process.  It needs to have agap of about 8 weeks between treatments as this will mean that the area is fully healed before the next part is removed.  This way the process can be checked after each phase to make sure there have not been any problems.  Prices will vary from clinic to clinic and you will usually be charged per treatment rather than per tattoo.

Aftercare of Tattoo Removal With Tattoo Erase.

The area must be kept dry for at least 14 days after treatment and the area should be kept out of the sun.  The scabs should not be picked off.  It will be expected that there will be some redness and swelling for a few days but if it lasts for longer it will be best to have it checked out.

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