Tattoo Removal Clinics

In the same way that there are now tattoo parlours in almost every town and city across the United Kingdom there are a growing number of tattoo removal clinics being set up.  The tattoo may seem a good idea at the time but as people get older the tattoo they had as a 20 year old does not fit in with their views now they are in their 40s.  At one time they would just have had to live with it but now there is the chance to have the tattoo removed.

West of England Laser Centre

This is a centre that will remove unwanted tattoos in a fairly pain free and very effective way.  The laser shines a light through the tattoo and the colour begins to break up and is absorbed into the body.  Over the weeks it is passed out in the normal process.  Their website states that there will be a possible pigment change in the skin where the tattoo has been but there is virtually no chance of scarring.  The cost and amount of sessions that will be needed will depend on the size of the tattoo and the amount of colour and detail.  It will not be possible for a price to be given but a small tattoo will cost £120 plus to remove and this will be similar to many tattoo removal clinics.

The Oxford Skin Clinic

Unlike most tattoo removal clinics who prefer the use of lasers to remove tattoos, the Oxford Skin Clinic uses a newer method that is supposed to be quicker and less painful.  They use a form of ink extraction that has been developed in Germany and Switzerland.  They can completely remove the tattoo or adapt it to a more suitable size or shape.  There is a liquid called Katerderm that is injected into the skin.  As a result the ink bonds to it and it is then passed through the body leaving the tattoo paler and paler.  This way of tattoo removal is so effective that a tattoo can now be removed within a couple of appointments while their laser removal will take at least twice as many appointments.

Northern Cosmetic and Laser Clinic

Since it has been found that that the newest lasers will remove a tattoo without leaving a scar, there has been an increase in the number of people who are having their tattoos removed.  It is not possible to say how many treatments need to be carried out but depending on the size of the tattoo each treatment can cost between £50 and £200.  There will be a need to make sure that there is 6 weeks left between each treatment so as the skin can heal properly before the next session starts.

It is likely that there will be more tattoo removal clinics set up as there is confidence in the newer methods of removal and more people will want to use the service.  Knowing the dangers of home removal, the prices being quoted are worth paying to ensure there are no scars or infections.

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