Tattoo Health Tattoo Removal

Having a tattoo will often make someone feel young and unique but as time goes by it can be something they strongly come to regret.  It is possible to have a tattoo removed but by and large it is something that you will have to fund yourself.  It can be argued that if you were able to find the money to have the tattoo you should be able to find the money to have it removed.

The National Health Service will not normally agree to pay for this removal although they may agree to sort out any problems that arise from the removal. The procedure should take place within a proper medical facility but if this is not the case they will treat any infections that are picked up.

Lasers will be the best way to have a tattoo removed as they will cause the least damage.  There is always the possibility of a small burn or blister but if used properly a laser machine is harmless.  Some people do not even feel any pain although it must be admitted that those with a low pain threshold may be uncomfortable throughout the procedure.

Poor Tattoo Health and Tattoo Removal

There are methods that can be dangerous and have a detrimental effect on your health.  There are creams that can be used but some do not say what is in them.  While the ingredients may remove the colour from the tattoo they can also remove a great deal of the skin.  This can lead to infection and scarring meaning that in the attempt to remove the tattoo in the cheapest way you have managed to damage your health.

Dermabrasion can also lead to infection as this is a process where the skin is rubbed until it is removed.  As the skin comes away the tattoo does as well. This can be a fairly painful way to remove the tattoo but if done properly there will not be any real damage.  As it will be painful the area will often be anesthetised. The problem with this will be that you are not aware of how much damage has been caused until the treatment has finished.  By then it could be too late and there could have been a considerable amount of damage caused.

Tattoo Health and Tattoo Removal

Although it is not normal for the health service to pay for tattoo removals there have been circumstances when this has happened.  Many people blame the tattoos they have for them not being able to get a job.  If there is a tattoo on the face or neck it can be off putting for prospective employers and this will also go for offensive ones.  As a result there was an arrangement made between the health service and Job Centre Plus whereby they gave up to £1500 to people who needed to have a tattoo removed to give themselves a better chance of getting a job.  By using this money they will be going to a credible organisation and the tattoo removal will not affect their health.

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