Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal

It is no fun having a tattoo that you don’t want.  It may be the name of a former partner or just something that is now no longer appropriate but whatever reason you have for not wanting it there will be a need to get it removed as soon as possible.  Cost and ease of removal may also be important but as long as the process starts there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The only way that will remove it quickly is to have it cut out, but this is not always suitable for larger tattoos.

How to Use Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal Cream

Tat B Gone tattoo removal cream is a Norwegian product that slowly wears away the tattoo.  It has been around since 2003 and many people have been pleased to see their tattoos fade away. It is hard to explain how Tat B Gone cream works as the ingredients seem to be a secret.  The product has been deemed safe by the FDA and the company say Tat B Gone tattoo removal is safe, does not contain acid and is non-abrasive but other than that it could contain anything.

Tat B Gone works in three different stages.  The first stage is where the tattoo is prepared for removal.  The second stage is where the tattoo begins to fade and the colour goes out of it.  Finally - and this stage happens over time, the tattoo fades away.

FAQs about Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal

  • What are the guarantees?  There are no guarantees and no money back options but the company claims that 95% of customers are satisfied.  The company claim that once a product is bought they do not control how it is used or stored so they won’t accept returns or promise results.
  • Is It FDA Approved? It is not approved by the FDA but the reason given this is that the only items they approve are those that need a prescription and as Tat B Gone does not there is no chance of full approval.  The lab is FDA complaint and they accept that there are no problems with the ingredients.
  • How long will removal take?  There is little chance that there will be any noticeable change in the tattoo in the first month.  It is recommended that a four month supply is purchased as the process starts slowly and then suddenly a difference is noticed.
  • Will it irritate the skin?  The product is hypoallergenic so there will not be any irritation.
  • Can the area be exposed to the sun?  It is possible to be in the sun although it will be best to use sunscreen.

Some people do have concerns about using Tat B Gone tattoo removal cream as they do not know what is in it and when other companies are prepared to list what is in their products there are concerns as to what they are not being told. The company say that “there are no side effects that we are aware of” and this is not good enough for some.

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