NHS Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are popular with younger people but not all of them age very well. What we are happy with when we are young may not be appropriate when we are older.  Once the decision has been made to have them removed the next thing to be considered is how to do it.  Removals that are done at home will not be as effective as those carried out by a professional and lasers are normal considered the most permanent form of removal.

Having the treatment can cost quite a lot of money.  The amount of visits and the size and design of the tattoo can determine how expensive the removal will be.  Many of them can cost upwards of £600 although obviously smaller ones will be less expensive.

Reasons for Wanting Tattoo Removal

Some people are prepared to help others have their tattoo removed as there is NHS tattoo removal is ridiculously hard to get.  In the North East there is a man who is prepared to remove tattoos for people who are looking for work.  If the tattoo is in a place where it can be seen and a future employer will be put off by it he will remove it.  They must be able to prove they are looking for work.  This is a great help as it is often at times when people are looking for work that they decide to have the tattoo removed and they do not have the money and are not able to get NHS tattoo removal.

The NHS will be the first port of call for many people when they want their tattoos removing.  Unfortunately this is not a service that they provide as tattoo removal is not an operation or a matter of health.  If the tattoo was paid for by the individual then they should be able to find the money to have it removed.

Reasons for Getting NHS Tattoo Removal

There are some occasions when it will be possible to have the tattoo remove on the NHS but they are few and far between.  There were complaints in the past when this has been done as it has been considered a waste of tax payer’s money.  If the tattoo is risking the health of the person either psychologically or physically this may be possible but the GP would have to be convinced that there was a real problem before they would agree to consider a referral.

The issue of NHS tattoo removal is so important to some people that it has been debated in the House of Lords.  In 2006 there were questions asked regarding the amount of money that the NHS had spent on these procedures.  It was not possible to find out how much had been spent as there was not a central record kept, but each hospital and clinic would have their own records.  The consideration was also given to the budget that the removal would come out of and if it was removed for mental health reasons would it come out of the mental health budget.

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