Naturalaser Tattoo Removal

While more and more people seem to want to have a tattoo there are also more and more who want their tattoo removed.  There are creams, lasers and some really weird ways to get rid of a tattoo and this can include injecting pigeon droppings.  Some even say that rubbing garlic on the tattoo will remove it but even if it was true it would be a long drawn out and rather smelly process.

About Naturalaser Tattoo Removal

Glo Studios Ltd is the distributor of numerous beauty machines and is able to provide not only the machine but the after sales service.  Naturalser has been around since 2002.  The machine called the “Victory” is hand held and also the only machine that can currently remove all colours from a tattoo.  The machine is small and can be easily carried around and stored after use.  Although it is small it would not be economical for an individual to buy it just to remove their own tattoo.

Using Naturalaser Tattoo Removal

The machine does not cause any pain and the only sound is a small click as the laser passes through the skin and goes into the ink.  The beam breaks down the ink and it is removed by the body’s immune system.  This machine will be more often than not used by a salon rather than an individual and the manufacturers are convinced that the salon will make a profit by using it as there is very little needed in the way of maintenance and it is not expensive to run.  In some areas there may not be the amount of customers to mean the machine is used daily but regular use will still bring about a good return.

There are two different heads attached to the Naturalser tattoo removal machine so it is easy to target various parts of the tattoo from various angles. There is also an inbuilt cooling system so there is less chance of burning the skin or the client being in any discomfort.  This sometimes happens with laser machines and if not properly treated can lead to an infection

The system does not break the skin, but there will be a need to be a break of about 6 to 8 weeks between sessions.  In most cases it will take about 6 sessions to completely remove the tattoo.

Profit Using Naturalaser Tattoo Removal

The company have worked out that even if there were only 2 sessions carried out per day the profit for the company would be £86,400 per year while if there were 7 clients this would go up to £302,000 a year.  This is based on a salon charging the client £150 per half hour of treatment.  Most treatments of Naturalaser tattoo removal will take somewhere between a quarter of an hour and an hour.  With the amount of products used costing just £1 it is clear to see that it is a profitable way to remove tattoos for clients.  The machine can also be used to repair sun damage.

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