Laserase Tattoo Removal

Having decided to have the now unwanted tattoo removed the next two decisions are how to have it removed and where to have it removed.  There are creams and home kits that claim to remove the tattoo totally and easily but to make sure that it is done professionally it will be best to use a clinic.

Laserase Tattoo Removal Clinic

Laserase have clinics all over England and while there may not be one in your city you should not have too far to travel to find one.  Some people may be concerned about using a laser to remove their tattoo but a good clinic will have all the correct health and safety requirements and have their certificates on show.  As well as going through the system to make sure that the correct standards are met there will need to be someone to make sure that this happens day after day.

How Laserase Tattoo Removal Works

This is not a new treatment as lasers have been used to remove tattoos for 20 years.  Most colours will be removed by a Q laser, but some red inks will need a different type.  Lasers are considered the best method as the beam does not damage the skin around the tattoo.  While there is the slight chance that the area may become too hot and burn a little there is much less chance of scarring with Laserase tattoo removal.

When the laser beam hits the pigment it breaks it up and it passes into the body.  The body is then able to remove it as part of its normal immune system. The surrounding area will not be damaged and there will be little if any damage made to the part worked on.  Laser treatments will not be able to remove most tattoos in one or two treatments so it will be best to arrange a couple of sessions to see how things stand by then.  A professionally created tattoo will not normally take between 5 and 20 treatments.  With Laserase tattoo removal the price and an estimated number of treatments will be given at the consultation stage.  Most sessions will cost in the region of £60 so you should know before you start how much you will need to pay.

How Effective is Laserase Tattoo Removal?

Black and blue tattoos should fade and disappear very well but it is possible that there will be some red and green patches that do not fade well.  They are resistant to the laser and there may be the need to try to remove these colours some other way.  It is possible to pay £50 and find out how well the tattoo will be removed and it will be best to pay this rather than start the treatment and find out much later on that the colours are not going to go.  By the time you realise this it is possible you will have spent a lot more than £50.

The initial consultation with a member of staff at a Laserase tattoo removal clinic will take about half an hour and you can ask all the questions you want before making the decision to proceed.

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