E Raze Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are an ideal way to express yourself or show allegiance to a group or gang.  Some people have their families names tattooed onto their bodies and while they will probably never want to remove the names of their children if a relationship breaks down they may wish to remove the name of the now former partner.

There are a number of ways that this has been carried out but all of them have their good and bad points.  Laser is effective but can be expensive and although creams are nowhere near as expensive there will be a much longer timescale needed.  One of the more recent methods has been produced in California and is called e raze tattoo removal.

E Raze Tattoo Removal

This was produced by the Rejuve Clinic and is an inorganic chemical remover.  It is used in the same way that the tattoo was originally created and the idea is that the pigment slowly moves towards the top of the skin where it can be removed.  As with the original tattoo, e raze tattoo removal must be carried out by a professional.  It is not recommended to do this alone or to get a friend or family member to do it.  It is a safe product in the right hands, but not so safe with someone who does not know what they are doing.

For most tattoos there will be the need for 3 or 4 visits although the size of the tattoo will clearly make a difference.  This is something that can be discussed during the consultation and the remover should be able to say then how many sessions will be needed before the e raze tattoo removal process is complete.  It will depend on your pain threshold how long each session lasts as there will be the same sort of feeling as when the original tattoo was created.

Unlike some methods, e raze will work on all colours that have been used.  There will be no need to have the major colours removed and then find another way to get rid of the paler colours.  Another advantage is the fact that it is as effective on home tattoos as well as the professional ones.

The Timescale for E Raze Tattoo Removal

It must be said that e raze tattoo removal can be quite a drawn out process as although there do not have to be many visits they do have to be spread over a certain period of time.  It can take up to 8 and 12 weeks between sessions so it will be much longer before the tattoo has gone but as long as there is no urgency this is an effective and easy way to get a tattoo removed.

Knowing that there is such an easy method as e raze tattoo removal it may encourage people who are unsure about getting a tattoo to go ahead and get one knowing it can be removed easily later on.  It will also take away the fear from those who want to get rid of theirs but are concerned about any problems they will encounter.

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