Tattoo Removal Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi permanent make up is a recent trend in tattooing that has grabbed the attention of many women.  They have turned to semi permanent make up as a means of helping them have the look they want without spending hours getting ready to go out.  This technique allows a woman to have parts of her make up already on her skin so that she can eliminate those steps from her routine.

Semi permanent make up is applied almost exactly like tattoos, except the colour does not go as deeply into the skin.  This is done primarily because of the sensitivity of this area of skin.  This can include make up administered to the eyes like upper and lower eyeliner, shaping and fullness of eyebrows and making the eyelashes thicker.  This make up can also include shaping the lips, lip liner or full lip colour.  This make up cannot be washed away and stays on permanently for up to five years.


Why Remove Semi Permanent Make Up

Some women have this tattooing done and they quickly regret their decision. This could be for several different reasons.  Perhaps they decided that they do not like having the same look every day with no way to make any changes or they just do not like the look they picked out any more.  They also may have not spent enough time to ensure the person administering the tattoo was qualified and experienced leading them to have poor quality semi permanent make up completed.

When this occurs, most women are looking to find the best solution for tattoo removal semi permanent make up. The problem is that it is much easier to have the make up put on than it is to have it removed. The tattoo removal semi permanent make up techniques can be expensive and painful.  It is important to remember that your semi permanent make up will only stay on for about five years, so if you are getting close to the time limit you may just want to wait it out.

Tattoo Removal Semi Permanent Make Up

The good thing about semi permanent make up is that when the tattoo is done the ink is not applied as deep into the skin as when a regular tattoo is done. The bad point is that this make up is placed on a very sensitive area of the body and some common forms of tattoo removal are too dangerous to do.  For example, laser tattoo removal could damage the eyes so any make up placed around the eyes would not be able to be done with this technique.

To know which types of tattoo removal semi permanent make up would be safe to have done for your specific make up, a licensed tattoo removal specialist should be seen.  Before selecting the right specialist for you, be sure that they have a vast amount of experience in tattoo removal semi permanent make up. This will ensure that the procedure is done right and limit the potential risks involved.

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