Tattoo Removal Replacements

The tattoo that you were once so proud of can become little more than embarrassment as you get older.  It could be something that is dated or something that was important 20 years earlier but no longer has any relevance in your life.  There are a number of ways to get rid of the tattoo although there may be reasons why many of the solutions are not acceptable.  Some may be considered ineffective or dangerous, while some may be too expensive.  It might even be the case that you do not want to be without a tattoo but just that you don’t want the tattoo you have.

What is Tattoo Removal Replacement?

This is the system where the tattoo is not removed but redesigned.  By looking at the tattoo that is there and deciding what is more appropriate for you now it will be possible to have another tattoo tattooed over the existing one and make it look totally different.  There will clearly be things to take into account such as the size of the tattoo.  If the original one is large it could take a lot of time and extra money to have the new one done.  There will rarely be an extra cost for the fact that the tattoo is harder to do as it is a replacement and rather it will cost the same as a new tattoo.

Another thing to remember is the colour scheme of both the existing tattoo and the new one.  A small light coloured tattoo will be much easier to cover up than something like a tribal mark that has a lot of thick black lines.  There is no way that while or yellow ink will be able to cover those.

There is also the design to be considered.  The new tattoo will have to have more ink than the old one.  It is no good trying to cover a highly inked tattoo with one that is a lot of spaces.  All that will happen is that the ink from the old tattoo will show through.

There is an answer to this but it is not a short term process.  If there are just small areas of the old tattoo that are causing problems when the new one is being added then it will be possible to remove part of the tattoo to make sure that the new one is a success.  This will make the process much more expensive and it will also add a great deal of time to the job.  It will be at least three months before a reputable tattooist would consider putting a tattoo on skin that had recently been lasered.

Once the Tattoo Removal Replacement is Complete

It is very important that the tattoo removal replacement is exactly what you want as this will be a one off treatment.  It will be possible to add to the tattoo in as much as new skin can have a tattoo in order to make the tattoo bigger once it is complete but areas that have been redone once cannot be tattooed again.

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