Alternatives to Tattoo Removal

Once you get fed up of the tattoos you have it will be easy to decide to have them removed.  Once you look into the options however it may be that you can’t find one that is suitable.  Some may seem to have too many health risks and the safer ones can be dangerous too so it will be time to look at the alternatives to tattoo removal.  It is understandable that a new partner will not want there to be reminders of their predecessor but there may also be reasons why the tattoo is no longer suitable.  Teenagers often have tattoos that are aimed to shock but once you have a child of your own, it may be a good idea not to give them ideas.

What Are the Alternatives to Tattoo Removal?

There are a number of alternatives to actually having the tattoo removed.  If you are not unhappy having a tattoo but just not pleased with the one you have there is a cover up process that can be carried out in a tattoo parlour.  A new design can be provided and the old tattoo can be tattooed over.  There may be slight limits due to the size and colour of the previous one, but in most cases alterations can be made and the new design will be completely different to the previous one.  

It needs to be remembered that a light colour will not show if you try to put it over a dark one and there cannot be a lot of space in the new design as the old tattoo will show through the gaps.  Normally this will only cost the same as a new tattoo and nothing will be added for the fact that the job may be harder than working on blank skin.  This new tattoo must be what you are happy with as a further cover up will be almost impossible.

There are creams similar to foundation make up that can be used to cover some tattoos.  This will not be ideal and there may be a small amount of tattoo that shows through.  It will only last for a short time but if you have a tattoo that you do not want to be seen for a particular event this should be a safe bet.  It will have to be a special body foundation not the normal sort that will be bought to go on the face.  As long as it is not very hot and you don’t intend going in any water the cover up if done properly should last for around 8 hours.  The downside to this could be the location of the tattoo as there may need to be another person around to apply the cream if you cannot reach yourself.

Problems with Alternatives to Tattoo Removal

Whichever alternative to tattoo removal you choose there will be a cost attached to it.  The cover up tattoo will cost more in the short term but if you find you are having to resort to using the cover up cream more and more then the cost of that method will rise as well.  A cover up will mean more pain and you still have a tattoo.

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